Web Design & Social Media Campaigns

So you have spent all those hours recording your material, now what?

Ok you send it to us we release it and add the links of your release to your artist profile page.....Then what? Nothing

Well unfortunately in this day and age we are driven by the world wide web which means if you don't have your own special peace of it your not going to sell many units. 

This is why it is advisable to have your own artist website which will help to grow your fan base. Also on every release we recommend that your either create your own advertising campaign or use one of our packages to promote your release.

If you are a new artist to Buster contact your sales representive with regards to what we can offer you, Also once you are an Artist on Buster you will qualify for our amazing discount offers.

Payment surcharges

Payment for these package prices by credit card incurs no extra charge. PayPal payments incur a 7.4% charge to cover PayPal 'Purchase Payments Received' charges