MAF Has been a musician for over 40 years,  He has had a lot of experience in working with bands, and in 2011 MAF recorded his first Electronic Album and to date has now recorded over 4 albums with various single releases. MAF is Currently signed to Fusion Records and is currently working on a new album, Which will be released in the Summer 2016. MAF also is in full swing recording and producing other artists and this is how Buster Records came about, Using the original policies of Fusion Records but only For Electronic Dance Music, Ambient and Remix Projects MAF Created Buster Records and as well as working with ACC (Project Octane) They are Planning a UK and European Tour with Artist Luis Drayton Throughout 2016 & 2017.


ACC Has worked in the Record Industry for over 20 years working with some of the best EDM Artists there is in the Industry. As Well ACC succesfully runs Fusion Records which Buster Records is a subsidiary of he still manages to Produce and Create in his band Project Octane. ACC is the main Project Producer for Buster Records and also creates promotional and music videos for the label.





Luis Drayton - Artist, Producer, Broadcaster

Luis has been creating his queen of all pus music for a over 8 years with his amazing lyrics and his punk electronic style, and is currently signed to Fusion Records, Luis is not only a Graphic design artist for Buster but is also a radio broadcaster on various stations where he promotes our artists music and interviews keeping worldwide listeners up to date. Keep a look out for Luis's advertised radio shows on our website.


Hannah runs the visual department, creating and editing Music Video Productions. She has worked on various visual productions with ACC and continues to create fresh great new material.