Starting on guitar in 1976 I played guitar, sometimes bass and sang in a bunch of bands, from rock to reggae from my schooldays on. Music's in my blood and I think it always has been, and it's not limited to one genre,

it's huge! Electronic music isn't just about Kraftwerk and the 80s either, though those bands are great performers and innovators and I like to bring all kinds of styles into my electronic music, which i started making around 2011. My first tracks were quite experimental, and though my music has changed since then I still want to do something a bit different, moving from genre to genre and sometimes dipping back into trying something unusual. Not all my songs have words, music can speak for itself, but like the music I create I don't want to stick to a formula when I put lyrics to a track. If something means something to me then I guess it's fair game for putting in a song. I might not be a trained vocalist but I try to put feeling into my singing. In fact that is important all round - if I feel it then it's right and if I don't then it's not working and I will chuck it out and start again.

Lightfarer will soon be releasing his back catalogue which will be completely remixed which will be released in April, Also Lightfarer is currently in the studio working on New material which we should be seeing a single release in late April followed by a New Album.


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