Starting on guitar in 1976 I played guitar, sometimes bass and sang in a bunch of bands, from rock to reggae from my schooldays on. Music's in my blood and I think it always has been, and it's not limited to one genre,Octane - will be releasing a new EP followed by there Debut album both due out for release in March Keep a Lookout.


Lightfarer will soon be releasing his back catalogue which will be completely remixed which will be released in April, Also Lightfarer is currently in the studio working on New material which we should be seeing a single release in late April followed by a New Album.


Project Octane

Project Octane is The Brain Development of ACC, ACC has been part of the Music for over 20 years and Run's Fusion Records.



Sick Robot

I've been a Creative Music Producer since 2008 and living in the North East has given me plenty of opportunity to write music about my surroundings.