Buster Records is an Independent Electronic Dance label. Specialising strictly every kind of dance music created with a synthesiser . We distribute our Artists material to over 300 worldwide distributors including, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and many more. Our Goal is to have a dedicated number of DJ's and Artists/Bands on our label where we can Promote and distribute for maximum sales.

Joining us is simply either drop us a line via email or use the Dog and bone and speak to a member of our team. Once we have listened to your Material we aim to give you a call back within 2 days. 

Remember we do not distribute or sign covered artist material, Your material must be owned 100% by you and must not be distributed or be on any other website such as iTunes.

Once your application has been successful we ask that you email us the following: Passport Photo Copy (For Electronic Record Contract), A bio with links to your social media, Images and Album artwork and the most important your music which must be submitted in mp3 format with Album artwork size for submission is 5000 x 5000 pixels. 

So don't hold back Pick up the Dog & Bone and Speak to Buster.